Au Special Rules

Characters also have the following everyman skills:
Language: Native 90%+1% per lvl
Literacy: Native 80%+2% per lvl
Computer operations 62%+3% per lvl
Basic math 72%+3% per lvl
Pilot automobile (+3%) or hovercraft
I.Q. bonus and special abilities bonuses can be added to these skills.

Characters gain a +1 to perception rolls at levels 3, 6, 10 and 15.

Character gets a +1 vs. Horror Factor (H.F.) at levels 2, 5, 9 and 14.


Weapon proficiencies use either Rifts Ultimate edition or Robotech Shadow Chronicles.

Combat is broken into two types of actions; attacking and quick actions. 1 attacking action is equal to 2 quick actions.

Attacks that require two attacks to be used, power punch for example, only uses up 1 attacking action and 1 quick action.

On your turn you can use 1 attacking action or 2 quick actions.

Dodging and Parrying is a quick action, unless character has automatic dodge or parry.

Movement less than half your Speed attribute in feet is a quick action. Moving up over half and up to your full Speed attribute in feet is an attacking action.

Quick actions can still be used to attack but these attacks considered quick or snap shot. This is similar to shooting wild, suffering a -6 to strike.

Roll to strike: A roll of a 1, 2 and 3 always misses regardless of bonuses and on a 1 something else unfortunate happens.

We will be using -10 (-5 over 10') to dodge firearms but characters can use their bonus to dodge to counter the penalty.

All attacks except the quick/snap shot and heavy firearms are considered aimed regardless if single shot or burst.

This is the amount of cover that you can use to your advantage.
If you take an action to get to suitable cover (rocks, tree, concrete debris, etc) the opponent must make a called shot to hit you. Some cover might be destroyed in the process.
1/4 Cover: 12 to hit
1/2 Cover: 13 to hit*
3/4 Cover: 14 to hit*
7/8 Cover: 16 to hit
Full cover: Cover has to be destroyed to hit you.
If the target behind cover is hit, another roll is required to bypass Armor rating. The roll adds all the same bonuses with an additional +2 to strike.
*These levels of cover can be used to brace/aim firearms, granting a +1 to strike.

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