Character Information

Character creation

Attributes will be rolled, using 3d6 rerolling 1s (unlimited). Rolled in a order but players rolls 9 times. The last one can be used to replace one of the previously rolled attributes.

Low Attribute Information

Available OCC are
Civil Defense Force
Civil Defense Flying Corps
Global Military Police
Tactical Corps

  • Available Special Forces
  • Desert Division
  • Marsh Division

Note: Character that take a Technical MOS gain an extra Language skill and extra Literacy skill both at +10% bonus.

Character legacy
When character that is related to another character in current, future or past eras they are available to certain bonuses.
A character that is an immediate relative, every time they gets to roll an extra six-sided die for an exceptional attribute (16 or greater) then all the immediate members of the family get that same bonus. Along with a +5% bonus to two skills they would share.

Extended family members only get half the bonus of the extra six-sided die for an exceptional attribute and no skill bonus.

Starting Ranks
All character start out at the rank of E-1; Private unless they achieve any of the following milestones for promotion (Can be promoted multiple times)

  • Earn an extra MOS with an average mental attribute set (IQ, ME & MA) of 13.
  • An average mental attribute set of 16 or higher
  • Leadership skill
  • Military etiquette skill of 70% or higher
  • Member of Global Military Police
  • Military or Naval tactics along with one theater warfare skills.
  • Each additional tactic or theater warfare skill after the initial promotion above.

Benefit of ranks
As a character gets promoted, he gains certain benefits along the way not related to medals and awards for their actions in the field.

  • Rank E-5: Select one skill from Communication, Military or Weapon proficiency categories; O.C.C. bonuses if applicable.
  • Rank E-8: +1 to save vs H.F. and select one skill from Communication, Espionage, Military or Weapon Proficiency categories; O.C.C. bonuses if applicable.
  • Rank O-2: +1 to M.E. and +5% to all Communication skills.
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