Arelius Marvel

Arelius originally hails from Roderic's Cove who made a name for himself in central Varisia in a place called Saoirse. He was an unofficial sheriff in the area as he headed many patrols outside of the small village's walls. The time there was good until some alien creatures started to infest the area and the Churlwoods dying be mysterious energies. This would lead to a series of unfortunate events for Saoirse. The council of Saoirse was ineffective most of the time and could even handle an area faction called the Stone Cult. Arelius and the many of his comrades made the decision to save the Churlwoods than Saoirse itself. This choice left the small village open to the attack of the Stone Cult and raiders as Arelius and his friends headed to Lurkwoods for an artifact that would heal the Churlwoods.

In the Churlwoods, Arelius would be greeted by a dire wolf he befriended after saving it from evil forces. The wolf would guide the group to the place of the artifact but the artifact was a healing pool under various defenses. They could be victorious in gaining the healing force to save the Churlwoods following a proper ritual. After that, Arelius and comrades parted ways to explore the world.

Arelius returned home and helped with the family business, Marvel Mounts. With his connections, he was able to expand it in Riddleport & Crying Leaf. He had befriended daughter of Anton Mescher, Alexia; in Riddleport and has ties to the Gendarme there. As for Crying Leaf, his elven followers has spread his influence there.

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