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Date: December 2199

Thissera-Micean Cooperative (TMC)
The Thissera-Micean Cooperative, or TMC, is a galactic police force created by the reptile-like Thisseras and the rock-like Miceans (both are described in the Catalog of Aliens). They have permission from each planet in their jurisdiction to patrol and enforce that planet's laws and to protect the surrounding spaceways from pirates, criminals, and invaders. The laws they enforce govern a multitude of crimes, including murder, assault, theft, smuggling, confidence games/scams, kidnapping, extortion, sabotage, destructive or life-threatening vandalism, piracy, terrorism, conspiracy, mining claim infringements and other crimes.
Their training, organization, and operations are similar to the various specialized Earth government agencies such as the CIA, FBI, DEA, ATF, and so on. Their training, tactics and equipment include a variety of combat/military skills, weapons, explosives, espionage, stealth, and teamwork. Each branch or division is trained in a specialized field and agents from different divisions work cases together in an attempt to combine that expertise. Agents must also have a solid understanding of the laws and customs of the planets and people within their assigned sector of space.
Although the TMC was originally founded by the Thisseras and Miceans, who still head its operations, scores of other races are represented in its ranks, especially those not directly allied with the Atorian Empire (still, 17% of its agents are Thisseras and 20% are Miceans). Manpower, weapons, equipment and some financing are provided by each of the planets that contract work with the TMC. This means the organization has an incredible range of weapons, equipment and resources at its disposal. Some of their more common equipment includes body armor, pulse laser rifles, ion pulse pistols, and other energy weapons, fast spaceships, jet packs, two-man hover cars with light vehicle weapons, six-man A.T.V.s with heavy vehicle weapons, and one-man hover cycles for use in boarding spacecraft.

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