History And Misc

Earthlings made it to Mars a few times successfully by this time and had a Mars base setup.

Martians (aka Earthlings on Mars) would have their first encounter with a FAR escape pod with a few survivors and the retrieval team that followed.

Human race has formed a solid diplomatic relationship with the races of FAR and humans began to travel to the reaches of space.

Earthlings have made leaps and bounces in technologies either from their own imagination or borrowed from others races. This would help Earthlings to start mining minerals and resources from planets in their own galaxy.

Eugenic proposals for special space occupations are approved and started.

Human races is drawn into the fray universe wide as the Atorian dislike the new upstart in galaxy. Humans vessels are targeted by the Atorians when seen.

Earthlings start to join other factions through out the universe. Some even become pirates or worse, a traitor to their kind and help the Atorians.

Human race diplomat finally joins the FAR council in decision making.

Earthlings have a major clash with Atorian navy. Both side take heavy losses. Battle is a draw.

Belter aka Dwarf
Base S.D.C.: 1d6x10+20
Attributes: Human Standard
Special Genetic Abilities and Features:
Dwarfing (Minor power), Circadian rhythms (Eugenics), Enhanced vision: Night vision (Eugenics), Choice of Digestive system enhancement or Appendix, Modified (Eugenics)
Skills of Note: Depressurization training, Zero gravity combat: Basic, Zero g movement. +5% Excavation, General repair/maintenance, Jury-rig, Masonry, Mining, Recycling and Salvage. +3% to Electrical, Mechanical and Computer skills

The Belters are humans that have volunteered for mining jobs in the asteroid belt after many of the races of FAR helped Earth join the galactic scene in the later half of 21st century (2085). These volunteers would subjected to eugenic procedures to help cope with the space travel and cramped space in the asteroids' mining facilities. The eugenics procedure would start on the Earth and Moon but the process would finish along the way to the belt. The Belters would later be nicknamed Dwarves due to their short, thick appearance and hard working attitude. Some of them even sport the long beards and hair of the fantasy race.

TMC Ranks

Starting from lowest to highest. Benefits are accumulative if ranks are gained through one's career.

Trooper: +2d6 to S.D.C.
Specialist: +1% to Communication; Pilote related or Technical skills
Agent: +1% to Espionage or Pilot skills
Officer: +1% to Military; Medical or Science skills
Executive: +2% to Invoke trust or intimidate.
Captain:+4% to invoke trust or intimidate; +1 to M.E.
Commander: +5% to invoke trust or intimidate; +2% to charm or impress; +1 to M.A.

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