Mutants And Masterminds

House Rules

These are some house rules for the upcoming Spycraft(1st ed)/M&M game (2nd ed).

1. Non-powered Human Defense Corps agents will be power level 5. They will also have access to free gear for missions.

2. Feats from Spycraft and M&M. Various other d20 games might be allowed as there is a lot of them out there. Please ask first.

3. House rule: Parrying. We'll be using parry defense for melee attacks. It will be equal to 1/2 melee attack bonus and 1/2 dodge/defense bonus plus any feats that help blocking/parrying.

4. We will be using Vitality/Wounds and toughness save.

5. Character abilities modifiers will stack for attack and defense (exceeding PL limits).

6. Combine Budget and Gadget points for your Equipment point total to get extra gear per mission.

7. Will be using Action points from Spycraft normally and each character will have 1 Hero point per mission.

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