Palladium Pcs

Real Name: Bo Archer
Alignment: Unprincipled
Education: Three years of College
Power Category: Physical training (Combat athlete)
Level: 3
Age: 27
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 186lbs
Eye color:
Hair color:

I.Q.: 11
M.E.: 17
M.A.: 11
P.S.: 31*
P.P.: 21
P.E.: 22
P.B.: 14
Spd.: 45

Hit points:
S.D.C.: 85

Special attributes:
Acute sight (2 pts)
Ally (5pts)
Business (2pts)
Customized shield (1pt)
Force of will

Common Skills:
Native language: English
Literacy: Native language (English)
Basic math
Advanced math

Physical training skills:
Swimming +15
Advanced prowl: Stealth +15
Gymnastics +15
Detect concealment
Escape artist

Scholastic Program skills:
Computer Operation +15
History (general) +15
History: 20th Century +15
History: Medieval +15
History: American +15
Language: French +15
Literacy: French +15
Literacy: German +15
Research +15
Writing +15

W.P. Shield
W.P. Blunt
W.P. Targeting
W.P. Sword

General athletics
Baseball (Professional) +25

Secondary skills:
Pilot automobile
Business & Finance
Public speaking
W.P. Chain
Law (general)
Recognize weapon quality

Combat Info:
6 attacks per melee, +3 to initiative, +3 to pull punch, +6 to strike, Automatic Parry +6, Disarm +2 Maintain Balance, Roll with Punch/Fall/Impact +3, +16 to damage, Body Block/Tackle (1D6), Karate Style Punch (2D4), Karate Style Kick (2D6), Elbow (1D6), Leap, Leap - Escape, Leap – Defensive, Automatic Dodge +5

Other bonuses:

Equipment of Note:
Kevlar line attire

Bo was a third baseman for the Central City Stars before donning the mantle of superhero. He was drafted after finishing his degree in history at the age of 24, definitely an upcoming star.
Bo played a few games in the minor leagues before actually going to the major league team. It was a dream come true. He won the team's defensive player of the year his first year and things were great. Bo would stay with the team the next season but it would be his last. Shortly after the All-star in a regular season game, his leg was broken but a slider into third base. It was severe and end his career as a baseball player.
The next year was filled with healing and physical therapy. Bo did invest his money wisely though in various historical museums, a passion for him. He was even to started to collect piece of history. It was something he knew of and a way to pass time. Still with a broken leg, he did stay physically fit.
It was during this time, the idea of being hero came to him as several museums and stores will on the receiving end of theft. He would use one of his idols as a base for himself, Captain American. He trained harder than he ever had before. He hired instructors of various martial arts to teach and had some of his historical connections to find professional to make armor and items for him. Soon Star Guard would be real.
Bo's investments would carry him and his ideal soundly. Never wanting much. His presence in Central City would help curbed theft and violence but it was never enough but he tried. Each time he went out as Star Guard, he learned the tricks of the trade and better himself as a hero.
He has been Star Guard for close to two years now and the news of superhero law was a shocker to him. Bo understood both sides of the debate.

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