Some History

Not so long again….

Ty was sitting down at his computer, watching as events were unfolding at an Appple store in NYC. A crazy group of men were holding the store hostage with no real purpose from the news feeds, only a few indepedent sources knew anything. The end of the standoff was total chaos as some federal agents took over but it didn't help. The so called terrorist looked to have escaped. A day would pass with talking heads throw information and questions but one thing did catch Ty's attention, one of the so called terrorist looked like his uncle Reed.
Ty planned to call his uncle about the news feeds and the look a like but a blast happened down in Texas. It was a shock to the system for everyone across the nation. The chaos that followed the blast through stopped things to a stand still government wise. He was planning on signing up for FBI academy the follow day but there was already a waiting for admission. It was only the FBI that had the wait list and so Ty was at a loss on what to do next. Eventually, he got a hold of his uncle and that is when things changed.
Ty and his uncle talked about the look a like and job prospects but his uncle Reed would give him the complete story of things and whys. Ty was in disbelief that his bodyguard of an uncle turned into a super spy of sorts. Reed (aka Bodyguard) mentioned getting enough money to retire, something he always wanted to do. Ty knew this but thought it would be a later than sooner event. The conversed more about things and Reed mentioned the team he was on would need a replacement. This peaked Ty's interest and asked what he would need to do if he was to take such a course of action. His uncle pondered this for awhile, wondering if he should talk his only nephew out of it. Uncle Reed went on to tell Ty that he had some gear ready for him.
Reed would finish up giving Ty some pointers and training ideas while he makes the arrangements. Ty eagerly jotted down what his uncle told him and mentally prepared to do them. Reed would contact Rook the next day about him retiring and that he had a replacement ready for the team. She seemed disinterested until Reed made an offer that she couldn't refuse. She agreed to take Ty into the fold.

July 2013

After the event with BANSHEE and Haper, Junior is perplexed by them somewhat. Thoughts begin to run through his mind about his so called teammates and CHESSBOARD. Was there another member of the CHESSBOARD here? Why? Can I trust them? Why didn't Rook or my uncle say anything? More questions were sure to pop up but he needed to get away. He shortly makes arrangements to head south to San Francisco to practice for the upcoming kite surfing race he would like to participate in. Junior cover ID of Jonas Kite, pro kitesurfer; was custom made for his hobby and was glad for that. After loading up his jeep, he hopes to enjoy a nice road trip.
The trip southward from Portland was pretty uneventful along the coast on I-5. Its a definite a day trip, taking him close to 10 hours but worth it. Jonas (cover) would crash at the Hyatt for a few days while in San Fran. He hopes to meet some other pros while out on the water, just to be able to talk shop with some of his own kind.
The next day, he went to the San Fran Bay and was lucky it wasn't too crowded. He was welcomed by those that were there and talked about the upcoming races and tournies. Jonas would be able to catch some waves and air later on. He was excited and at peace in doing something he loved. I guess going to college in NC had it perks on the other side. He smiled to himself in thought.
After finishing a good day on the water, he planned to relax at some local cafes and not think about things in his other world. That would hit a speed bump when some extreme sports mag rep rushed him when he was about to leave. Jonas, caught off guard a little; didn't catch the rep's name before a barrage of questions and comments flew from the rep with his camera man snapping shots. After a moment, Jonas regained his composure and tried his best to field the barrage without putting his foot in his mouth. The ordeal took about 30 minutes before the rep was satisfied and Jonas could go back to his original plans.
The dinner at Lou's cafe was very pleasant ad enjoyable to the last bite. Jonas caught some looks from people, trying to place and so even did and introduced themselves. The main thought in his head I'm glad I'm not a real celebrity. He smiles and shook hands from those brave or excited enough to approve and talk some shop with him. On a high note though, so girls did give him their numbers. Jonas took it in stride and eventually return to the Hyatt for the night.
The next day was about the same as yesterday, some more surfers but enough to not crowd the water. A few from the cafe was there and greeted him again. One especially seemed interested in him and eyed him a lot. A red head, her named was Erin he believes. The two crossed and shared many waves during the day. She pretty much shadowed him but he didn't mind it. It was quite an honor and an ego boost. After the long day on the water; he saw that Erin was beat when they were done. Jonas guessing she never surfed all day or that hard but still it impressed him that she did. He would approach her "Care for dinner?" She was in shock a moment before getting excited and eagerly saying "Yes." They both smiled and Jonas made arrangements for dinner at a Fusion place called The House.
Sadly as he was getting ready, he received a package with instructions of a meet back in Portland sometime after midnight. If he was going to make it, he would have to skip the dinner. He sighs I guess its one of the new burdens of this life. He called Erin back and telling her he has to cancel but she could go if she wanted; it would be paid for. Erin was disappointed but wasn't much Jonas could do. He apologized sincerely and started to pack quickly.
Jonas would become Ty as he rushed back to Portland.

lolHAX the valiant: in which we slay a dragon; (Cal 1, TL 3)
1221 base XP; +3 rep base
notes: Morkins? (not so) Dead now.
[Rich]Death of a Salesman: in which we argue a lot about whether to kill a guy; (C2)
1298 base XP; +6 rep base
notes: Birth-mother is a subplot, Pitfall sabotaged further
[Rich]Cruise control for cool: in which Wal-Mart is even more terrible than usual (C3)
1325 base XP (TL 3); Net -4 rep due to capture
[Dan] The disappearance of Vinnie the leech; in which Diplomacy brings people together (C3)
1210 base XP (TL 4); +11 rep base
[Dan] The fall of the house of Orkins; in which a body is left by the road and a gulch is jumped
495 base XP (TL 4); no rep gain (subplot mission)
[Dan] Well, that escalated quickly; in which drama in the Highlands is not a torrid romance
850 base XP (TL 4 = 3400); +11 rep base
Deacon - Traitor from Chessboard, working for Pitfall
[Dan] The Rise of Vinnie the Leech; in which Diplomacy isn’t the big guy for once (Cal 2)
940 base XP (TL 4 = 3760); +6 rep base
subplots resolved: Marcus(Indigo), Phoenician(Wanted)
new mechanic: Cybernetics, new faction: Vandam/Konrad & The Winking Eye
[Rich] AMD vs FOIL; in which someone framed Roger Rabbet (Cal 2)
915 base xp (TL 5 = 4575); +6 rep base
Bambi escapes with the super-science (Aqua betrays Docks/Lynch)
[Rich] In another castle; In which the party tries to sell Buddy into white slavery
1867 xp (TL 5 = 9335); +21 rep base
Big Tex: “Bubba”, sighted working with criminal elements in Donesk
[Rich] An extremely bad day; in which common sense beats skill rolls several times
1123 xp (TL 6 = 6736); +3 rep base
[Dan] Happy retirement, uncle Kronos; in which Junior guesses the whole plot from a name
995 xp (TL 6 = 5970); +15 rep
Sheila Leone: “The untouchable”, fixer for organized crime, seen working with Konrad
Konrad seen courting The Eye away from the Eternals, possibly literally
Familiar faces at SuperSec: Buddy and The Bodyguard, just guards or more involved?
[Rich] Mission: impossible; in which the party beats the US ARMY
1122 Base xp (TL 6 = 6732); +6 rep
Peacemaker rescued - Former journalist, associated w/ CHESS NPCs possibly
Bob (Krypt), Stephen Century (SP), Dana(subplot) rescued
Cal 3 dossiers on all these people ^^^
[Rich] Desperado: in which a mad scientist is melted by EbolAIDS (Cal 1);
893 Base XP (TL 6 = 5358); +3 rep base
Anthony Tender: diabetic retired face-man/exfil specialist, “owes” BANSHEE
[Rich] Saving Face: We’re on a boat motherfucker take a look at we
1092 Base XP (TL 6 = 6552); Base Rep +11 (-2 for exposures)
[Rich] Fragile Glass (Cal 2); In which the party exchanges an eye for an eye
1065 base XP (TL 7); Base Rep +6
[Rich] Blood and thunder (Cal 2): in which Deacon is surrounded by spies and beaten
1200 base XP(TL 7); Base rep +6
[Rich] Living Spycraft 1, Spain/Briefcase, Cal 3 (Rep +10); 1403 base xp(TL 7)
Living Spycraft 2, Spain/Microdots, Cal 2 (Rep +3); 634 base xp (TL 7)
[Rich] Living Spycraft; in which we learn “chase-scene with a nuke” is actually the SOP
1593 base XP (TL 7), Rep +15
[Rich] The Invisible Hand (Cal 3): in which Phoenician joins the Liberian government
1347 base XP (TL 8), Rep +11 success; rep -10 anonymity
Junior captured, spills to Shadow Patriots; We got Jin Wang arrested.
Dana is ?murdered?

December 2014


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